Thursday, January 31, 2019

MAPR Products

MAPR                                 :  Started in stealth mode  (2009)
MapR-FS                            :  It is a Hadoop compatible file system
MapR-DB                           :  It is the first in house DB that ran on the same technology stack
Apache-Drill                       :  First schema free analytics
MAPR-Streams                  : Was introduced for global event processing
Converged Data platform :  Branded all the above products into converged data platform.
                                                Only converged data platform in the industry.
                                                Supports all the data
                                                Runs on every cloud on premise and on the edge
                                                It has highly available design
                                                Capability of global data fabric
                                                It has global database
                                                It has global event streaming engine
                                                Operates at unlimited scale
                                                It supports file, tables, document and streams
                                                It supports docker container data platform to make it highly available
                                                The file system in mapr is different from others

MapR Edge,Docker
Orbit Cloud Suite               :

MAPR Architecture

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