Sunday, October 30, 2016

Overview of LUIS ( Language Understanding Integration Services )

Is a service provided by Microsoft cognitive services, Formally known as project Oxford.They are a set of intelligent services with the vision of democratizing machine learning. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

MessageController in Bot Framework

  The Message Controller is the meat of  Bot application

  • It resides in an application
  • It can accept a message and return a message
The message controller monitors the different activities of the User

The default type of activity is is Activity.message

Friday, October 7, 2016

Azure app services

 Azure App Service, a cloud service that bundles together several existing ones: Azure Websites,  Azure Mobile Services, and Azure BizTalk Services 
  • Provides services that can be used to build many applications
  • Offers these services as capabilities that can be used without having to worry about plumbing servers
  • Enables us to focus on adding business values

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

  • Ease of use 
    • We do not need physical hardware
    • Certain cloud services do not need servers
  • Scalability. We can easily scale up or down based on the need
  • Pay for what we use

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Getting started with Microsoft bot connector

The Microsoft Bot Connector is a communication service that  helps you connect your Bot with many different communication channels (Skype, SMS, email, and others)

If you write a conversational Bot or agent and expose a Microsoft Bot Framework-compatible API on the Internet, the Bot Framework Connector service will forward messages from your Bot to a user, and will send user messages back to your Bot.

Microsoft BOT Framework

  • Microsoft Bot Framework is a comprehensive offering to build and deploy high quality bots for your users to enjoy in their favorite conversation experiences.
  • Bot Framework provides just what you need to build, connect, manage and publish intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever your users are talking – from text/sms to Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Office 365 mail and other popular services.
  • Microsoft bot framework has the ability to detect the language that the user is typing and it can translate the text to other languages 

Bots , Agents of Bots, explained


  • A bot is a software that is designed to automate tasks that would be performed by a human like booking a flight , scheduling an appointment or ordering a pizza.
  • A bot can receive a text string and perform some task and then send response as a text string
  • They are service specific. example we can have a bot for a coffee chop or a bot for yelp.

Simple component angular 2

  • Components are simply directives that are always associated with a direct template
  • Component is nothing but a type script class
  • An Angular application is a tree of Angular components

Setup angular 2 environment

  • Prerequisite: Install Node.js
  • Step 1: Create the app’s project folder and define package dependencies and special project setup
  • Step 2: Create the app’s Angular root component
  • Step 3: Create an Angular Module
  • Step 4: Add main.ts, identifying the root component to Angular
  • Step 5: Add index.html, the web page that hosts the application
  • Step 6: Build and run the app
  • Make some changes to the app


Advantages of typescript

1.  Like babel typescript uses a compiler to write ES5 to the compiler
2. Typescript is a super set of ES6. 
3. Typescript adapts emerging standards like Decorators  
4. Class and Module Support
5. Static Type-checking
6. Build-in Support for JavaScript Packaging
7. Syntax Similarity to Our Backend Languages (Java)

Language support for Angular 2

Advantages of languages with type support

  • Interfaces and Types
  • Helps detect error when we type
  • Helps to gives us hints

Pipe character angular 2

A pipe takes in data as input and transforms it to a desired output.

Pipe character "|" helps to display the content

Examples of pipe

import { Component } from 'angular2/core';

  selector: 'my-story',
  template: `
    <h3 [innerText]=""></h3>
    <div [style.color]="color">{{}}</div>
    {{story| json}}
export class StoryComponent {
  story = { id: 100, name: 'The Force Awakens' };
  color = 'blue';

Custom pipes

This custom pipe is used to perform sorting

Note:For the PipeTransform there is only one interface

Using the custom pipe in a template