Sunday, October 30, 2016

Overview of LUIS ( Language Understanding Integration Services )

Is a service provided by Microsoft cognitive services, Formally known as project Oxford.They are a set of intelligent services with the vision of democratizing machine learning. 

In the past to build a custom machine learning modules we would require assistance of data scientists.Usually it was time consuming and used to take years in order to build and customize machine learning modules for specific domains.LUIS fills the gap for the need for data scientists.

LUIS leverages Microsoft Machine Learning Technology to enable us to add conversational intelligence to our applications and build our own language understanding module specific to any domain.

Set of language understanding tools offered by LUIS

  • Intent
  • Entity detection
  • Multi term dialog support
  • Action fulfillment

Using LUIS friendly UI we can  create IOT experiences,Virtual assistants, Chat bots or any intelligent service on any device.

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