Friday, October 7, 2016

Azure app services

 Azure App Service, a cloud service that bundles together several existing ones: Azure Websites,  Azure Mobile Services, and Azure BizTalk Services 
  • Provides services that can be used to build many applications
  • Offers these services as capabilities that can be used without having to worry about plumbing servers
  • Enables us to focus on adding business values

  • Azure App Service provides services through app services fabric. This abstracts the server and underlying resources through the app services
  • The service fabric takes care of hosting the app on the azure resources it uses and makes sure that app keeps running
  • We only need to worry about our applications in the app service
  • They share a bunch of capabilities 
    • Authentication and Authorization
    • Scaling
    • Hybrid connectivity
    • Support and trouble shooting

The difference app service types are:

Web apps : Host web applications, deploy web applications into a  web application into a web apps service

Api apps : These can host our apis and then make them discoverable

Logic apps: Offers us a place where we can create a complex work flow to automate a business process. In a logic apps work flow we can call api that live any where. They host and execute these work flows

Mobile apps:We can host a back-end  for our mobile app in IOS or Android devices. Provides unique capabilities of running the mobile client to work offline and later sync the changes. Offers the ability for push notifications

Function apps:
Provide a way of running an independent line of code that can respond to an event. The code is not part of the website or another application

Note: All the app services run on top of the Azure service fabric which provides them with resources

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