Monday, January 11, 2016

SQL-RD Dynamic schedule

To run SSRS reports against multiple recipients or each individual needs to get a unique flavor of the same report

Note: We do not have to use subscription for each individuals

Features of dynamic schedule

  • Populate key parameters from the database. Deliver separate reports based on given parameter values to a corresponding destination identified in another table
  • Has the ability to link 2 tables 
  • Has the ability to link 2 databases to process and deliver reports
  • Generate static report and deliver it to  a changing list of recipients or generate a dynamic report and deliver it to static list of recipients
  • Dynamic schedule can go to only one destination

Report selection and scheduling

Selecting parameters

Dynamic parameters

Linking section
Section could be a completely different database

We can insert our own html code, graphics , images , fonts

Exception handling
If the report is blank we send an email or update database ..

Custom Task
We can run custom task before the schedule task is run or after the schedule task is run.
E: Update database record, sending text keys

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