Monday, January 11, 2016

SQL-RD Data driven schedule

Automation Schedule

  •  Business process automation arm of SQL-RD
  •  Enable to run multitude of different task
  •  These task can be scheduled before and after a report schedule
 Ex we can print a document before sending Reports

General Task:

  •    Opening a program, document, printing,shooting another schedule, pausing, sending text message
  •   There is no report associated to it. It would operate independently


Data driven schedule 

1) Data Driven

  •      Need to  have a data driver (Query to specific database table

  •      All parameters can be driven based of a single table
  •      Drives reports based on value in the database tables
  •      Example generate unique values based on 200 parameters
  •      Different output type Excel or PDF

 2) Data driven package
      Enables multiple data driven reports
Sample data driven schedule

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