Friday, January 12, 2018

7 v's of big data

Big data can be define with with 7 V's


Volume is how much data we have – what used to be measured in Gigabytes is now measured in Zettabytes (ZB) or even Yottabytes (YB)


Speed in which data is accessible


Different types of data including structured , unstructured (audio,video) or semi structured data (XML)


Variability is different from variety. A coffee shop may offer 6 different blends of coffee, but if you get the same blend every day and it tastes different every day, that is variability. The same is true of data, if the meaning is constantly changing it can have a huge impact on your data homogenization


Veracity is all about making sure the data is accurate, which requires processes to keep the bad data from accumulating in your systems


Using charts and graphs to visualize the data


It is the end game. After addressing 6V's defined above we get the data which takes a lot of time, effort and resources – we want to be sure  that our organization is getting value from the data.

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