Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tips for making your web site WCAG compliant

These are some of the tips for making sure that our site is WCAG compliant

  • Label  all form elements
  • Provide alternate text for non-text content. This would help people who are blind with assistance technology which can announce to them.People who are blind can use screen readers like 
    • VoiceOver is inbuilt in mac
    • NVDA and JAWS has to be downloaded for windows
    • Chrome browser has chromevox
  • We need to make sure that color contrast meets minimum thresholds. There are guidelines for threshold
  • Add dots to end of important color message
  • Add captions to audio content
  • Based on the guidelines we need to make sure that we have the ratio for the contrast for all the colors in our website
  • Use aria guidelines as mentioned in the link


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