Thursday, April 13, 2017

Important changes in angular 4

These are some of the important changes related to angular 4
  • Skipping angular 3.0 to angular 4.0 so we can align core with the router which is already 3.0
  • Compiler is faster compared to angular 2
  • Some of the bugs which are in angular 2 are rectified in angular 4
  • Else clause has been introduced 
  • Render has been renamed to Renderer2 (Reason this was done is because under the hood there were lot of changes)
  • Email Validator has been added
  • Typescript 2 is supported
  • Flat modules which makes importing easier behind the scene. This would allow build tool to tree shake the code( Code which are not used would be removed )
Note: There were breaking changes in typescript 2.0  One the changes are file format is not backward compatible.

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