Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Comparison backbone vs ember, knockout vs ember, ember vs angular 1

Comparing backbone vs Ember is not fair


  • Small set of library sit on top of jquery
  • We need to write own abstractions to sit on backbones core part
  • Uses collections and models
  • Does not try to abstract everything away rather it leaves to us
  • Developer who does not mind writing code his way this is a fine choice
  • If we do not want every single detail in your application focus  solving the problem on hand  instead how you solve Ember is a good choice

Comparing knockout to ember is not fair 
  • Both are flavor of model view view model (MVVM)
  • Does not have the concept of model and routing.we can create if we like by plugging third party library
  • Knockout uses the DOM directly using html5 data tag to wire events and dependency
  • Easy to pick up and run with
  • Page is simple and does not need routing this is good choice
  • Focus on keeping DOM clean
  • Not easy to pickup and run with
  • Easily allows to scale your application and speed graph
  • Full featured 


Both of the framework essentially does the same thing in slightly different way


  • The main difference between the two are embers idiom say the same througout development
  • Controllers in ember behave like viewmodel
  • Ability to scale applications ellegently
  • Apart from code and speed its having to change what we do and reverse course
  • Depreciated many times. Embers apis has changed many times

In angular abstractions trends to break down as the apps scales up
  • Most people start simple way using controller then they realize then they realize that they need routes and services then they have to change their approach completely
  • Understanding the differences between $http and $resource is important
  • Minifying is not easy, usually the minifier gets confused with string literals. To get around this we need to wrap with  braces [ ] and passing strings instead of variable object.

Common in both 
  • Both claim that they are MVC but are MVVM
  • Both have concepts of templating and Routes
  • Both encapsulate UI components (Directives vs components)
  • Both implement caching at some level
  • Both have shaky data story
  • Both angular and ember has strong community

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