Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Building blocks for Node

libuv :

  • A high performance cross platform evented i/o library
  • Replaces or abstracts several unix only library that is required by the project
  • Built as a part of porting js to windows

  • Googles JavaScript engine (used in chrome)
JS, C++
  • This is custom JavaScript / c++ code developed specifically for node

More about Node:

  • Supports modular JavaScript
  • Encourages non-blocking(asynchronous code)
  • HTTP, Networking, and web sockets are 1st class citizens
  • Low-level fast platform

All JavaScript is executed under Google's V8 Engine

  • Predictable execution model ( As we have to deal with only one engine )
  • ES 5 is supported in NodeJS 0.5.1 and later
  • V8 also supports just in time compilation and optimizing compiler (Complied and cashed)

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