Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Machine learning

-Is a science of getting computers to learn, without being explicitly programmed
-Grew out of work in AI
-New capability of the computers

Unknowingly we would have used these dozens of time of a day without knowing about it
  • Web-mail spam filter uses ML to filter dozens of unwanted mails
  • When we type in google or bing search it uses to rank the sites
  • When Facebook recognizes us or our friends picture 

Best way to make progress on this is to learn algorithms known as Neural Networks ( Which mimic how the human brain works)

Machine learning is extensively used in

   - Database mining
       Large datasets from growth of automation/web
        Eg: Web click data, medical records, biology, engineering
  - Applications that cannot be programmed by hand
       Eg: Autonomous helicopter, handwriting recognition, most of Natural Language         Processing(NLP), Computer vision
 - Self customizing programs
      Eg: Amazon, Netflix product recommendations
- Understanding human learning (brain , real AI)

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