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                      Grunt : The JavaScript Task Runner     

  •  Is a task-based command line build tool for java script projects which makes performing repetitive, but necessary, task trivial
  •  Java script based build tool
  •      Validating html/CSS/JavaScript
  •      Minify CSS/ JavaScript code
  •      Compile CoffeeScript/ TypeScript
  •      Compile Less file into CSS
  •      Run unit test case
These are the files which are used in grunt
Package.JSONMetadata file which describes your project
Gruntfile.js : File used to configure or define GRUNT tasks

Install and configure Grunt

  • Install Node.js -
  • Install Node PM -- (If you install node then npm would automatically be installed)
  • Install the GRUNT cli  npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Install GRUNT to your local directory npm install grunt --save--dev
Ex of using grunt file to clean files and folder
  1. Install external dependency file                                                                                                     npm install grunt-contrib-clean --save-d After successful installation of external files would automatically update the project.Json file as shown below
2.Create grunt.js file

 3. Create a folder named CleanFiles.Add/Create files inside this folder
  4. Run the grunt command in the task manager.
      grunt default -v ;
  grunt: is the grun task
  Default :is the name of the task which needs to be run.
-v : Specifies run this in verbose mode. It would show all the outputs as shown below    
 5. Verify the folder
Note: The files has been removed by the grunt task



This is an simple example how we can use grunt. 

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